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5 Practical Ideas for Bedrooms

large nightstand

While decorating the bedrooms, practicality is as important as the stylishness. With small changes that you can apply to your bedroom, you can both gain extra space and practicality.

pendant lamp

Here is a useful idea for small bedrooms; if you don’t have any room for a table lamp on your nightstand, you can hang a pendant lamp.

bedroom dresser

If you can’t find any place to put your purse, coat or anything that you hold in your hands when you enter your room, here is a good tip for you; place a table or pouf that resembles a luggage rack in a suitable corner of your room to create a decorative space for your belongings.

bedroom ideas


If you have a small room, you may prefer narrow and tall shelving units instead of a nightstand. While this narrow shelving unit will hold many of your objects, it will also take a small space due to its minimalistic design.

shelving unit

You can create a comfortable area that you can relax, sip your coffee and read your book in it by placing a double sofa at the end of your bed. Placing it at the end of your bed will both provide a different atmosphere to your room and save more space.

sofa bedroom

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