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Colored Bathtubs for Bathrooms

Colored Bathtubs

If you would like to have a cute and elegant bathroom where you can enjoy spending time, you can use colors to change the bathrooms, which usually are narrow and boring. You can create a colorful bathroom where you can recover from the fatigue of the day by putting a clawfoot tub, which has colored feet, in your bathroom. So let’s peruse the decorative ideas which we have prepared for you.

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You can create either a romantic and peaceful ambiance with pastel colored clawfoot bathtubs such as powder pink, sky blue or a more assertive and striking bathroom with colored clawfoot tubs such as red or black. You can include a decorative chair to place your towels or clothes, right next to your bathtub. If your bathtub is placed in the middle of your bathroom, facing outside, you can prevent the visibility with cute curtains. In this beautiful bathtub, you can take your book or magazine and have a nice long bath.

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You can create a nice ambience by covering half of the wall with a patterned wallpaper. Create a warmer environment by using wood parquet instead of ceramic tiles for the floor covering. Keeping a tall end table by your bathtub to keep your shampoos, shower gels and bath gloves would be a both chic and an elegant choice. You can spend joyous time in this beautiful and pleasant bathroom.

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In your bathroom that looks vivacious thanks to the bathtub with sugar pink feet, you can obtain a distinctive look with the star-patterned floor tiles.
With a nostalgic-style standing hanger that you can place by your bathtub, you can obtain a chic area to hang your towels.

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You can create a chic and useful bathroom decoration by placing a chair next to our red bathtub in the same shade and a small end table on the other side. To block the possible peeking eyes through the window, you can use a cute gingham curtain. Now, it is time to draw the curtain and have a relaxing time in your bathtub.

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No matter which color you choose, your bathrooms will stop being boring and turn into pleasing corners with these colorful bathtubs. If you intend to replace your tub or to buy a new bathtub, you can choose a colored one to add some fun and vitality to your bathroom.

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