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Creative and Chic Newspaper Racks

Newspaper Racks

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If you don’t have the heart to dispose your newspapers and magazines, or if you want to keep them with you, how about storing them organized? Then, here are some practical and elegant options.

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Start with the objects that are not being used. For example; making a newspaper rack out of fruit crates is a good idea. These wooden fruit crates will provide a natural look in your house. You can store your newspapers, magazines or books in these fruit crates that you can place horizontally or vertically right next to your sofa.

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Just like you can use the fruit crate as a chest, you can also turn it into a bookshelf by installing dividers in it. Also, attaching some wheels under it will make it easier to move and provide a decorative look.

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You can display your magazines on an old wooden ladder. This way, you can both make some room for your magazines and obtain a nice look in terms of decoration.

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The presence of a division in your coffee table that you can hang your newspapers and magazines would be really useful. This way, the newspapers and magazines that you enjoy reading will always be within arm’s reach.

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In this sense, you can also utilize wooden clothes hangers. You can obtain an unusual and chic newspaper holder by hanging a wooden clothes hanger on the drawer handle in your living room.

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By applying these practical and tasteful ideas, you can both organize your newspapers and magazines, and create an authentic decoration.

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