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Decorating Ideas for the Secret Corners in your House

Secret Corners

How about transforming the empty areas into useful and elegant ones? You can create a pretty and nice look with the combination of a sideboard and an armchair in the empty corners of your living room, hallway or bedroom.

Secret Corners (1)
What do you say to create a lovely corner in the entrance of your house? You can create a colorful greeting area for your guests by combining a yellow sideboard with a purple armchair. By covering a certain part of the wall with flower-patterned wallpaper, you can create a cozier environment. Complete the purple and yellow with pistachio green details to achieve a perfect harmony.

Secret Corners (2)
You can create a warm and cozy environment by placing a pastel colored sideboard and beige colored chair in the empty area next to the stairs. You can obtain a beautiful look by decorating the wall with a painting. If you have a wired phone, it is wise to place it on the sideboard. This way, you can make your long phone calls on your chair comfortably.

Secret Corners (3)
You can include a whitewashed dresser and an armchair in the garret story. Complete the dresser with a beautiful painting and decorate it with flowers and decorative accessories. You can make it look more elegant by using a stylish table lamp.

Secret Corners (4)
You can combine a sideboard with an armchair in the entrance or the opening of the house to the patio. You can create a beautiful photograph corner by decorating your sideboard with family photos of good memories. You can vitalize the environment with vivid colored armchair, like pink or blue, and you can freshen up the place with potted flowers.

Secret Corners (5)
If you like plain, fresh and modern decorations, you can make some room for a grey sideboard and a wicker armchair in an empty corner of your living room. You can enliven the dresser with a silver table lamp and decorative accessories.

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