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Pleasant Reading Corners

Reading Corners

Reading Corners (1)

There is nothing like sitting on your chair and enjoy some reading on a weekend. If you still don’t have a reading corner in your house, you can transform a suitable empty area into an elegant reading corner. A lounger can be an ideal choice for blissful reading hours. After you place a bookshelf and a floor lamp near it, your reading corner is ready. To reach your books and magazines easily, you can put a small basket right next to your lounger.

Reading Corners (2)
By including this modern lounger of Charles Eames in your living room, you can prepare a delightful reading corner. Do not forget to place an end table to put your coffee on while you are reading your book. Keep a sofa cover and a blanket by your side during cold days.

Reading Corners (3)
You can create a different style by covering the walls of your reading corner with wallpaper. Try combining a cognac color, modern style leather chair with a black floor lamp and an end table. You can include a minimalist hanger for your favorite photographs on the wall. Using a hanger that integrates with the wall will freshen up the environment, just like in the photograph. You can enjoy reading in this modern style corner.

Reading Corners (4)
If you want to create a romantic reading corner in your bedroom, this padded classic style lounger can be an ideal choice. Complete your ecru colored chair with a dusty rose colored cushion. Place an elegant floor lamp on one side and a glass end table on the other side of your chair to obtain elegance; use flower-patterned roller blind to create a cozy environment. By sparing some time for reading on the weekends will be a nice activity for both you and your children, if there are any.

Reading Corners (5)
You can design an indent in the garret story as a reading corner. With a comfortable day bed and wall shelves, you can transform that area into a useful and comfortable relaxing corner.

Reading Corners (6)
By combining a big living chair, a small end table and a table lamp, you can create a chic seating corner. You can double the comfort by placing a pouf in front of the living chair. Decorating the area with flowers and cute paintings can create a cozy ambiance.

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