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Provide a Whole New Look to Jars


How about transforming the empty jam or pickle jars into pieces of art instead of disposing them? You can change these jars into whole different objects with small touches to include them in your decoration.

Jars (1)
You can paint the jars with any color to use them as soap dispensers, toothbrush holders or cotton dispensers.

Jars (2)
You can make a chic and modern lighting fixture out of jars. This droplight will change how your garden looks.

Jars (3)
Paint glass jars with different colors to turn them into adorable vases. You can make your living quarters more colorful by placing these cute little vases in a corner of your room or on the sideboard in the entrance.

Jars (4)
You can wrap a wicker thread around a glass jar to turn into a chic vase for your dining table. This model of the vase is cut out for romantic style tables.

Jars (5)
You can provide a whole new look to your glass jars with a crochet cover. Pour some sand and place a white candle in it, and obtain a beautiful candle holder.

Jars (6)
Turn your glass jar into a shiny vase by shimming a certain part of it. This will bring a fresh air to the decoration of your house.

Jars (7)
For a more dashing look, paint most of the jar with golden and decorate the bottom part with Dore glitter. This way, you can transform your ordinary jar into a great decorative accessory.

Jars (8)
By putting natural stones and candles in glass jars, you can make glass lanterns. You can display these glass lanterns in your garden.

Jars (9)

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