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Reflect the Country Style in your Kitchen

Country Style

If you desire a country style decoration in your kitchen, try to use eau-de-nil shades. This color that has a fresh, easing and relaxing effect will create a peaceful environment by bringing the nature into your kitchen.


Country Style (2)
You can support your kitchen that has an elegant look thanks to the eau-de-nil shades with cream and white shades to obtain a harmonious combination. If you wish, you can create a cozy environment by using a light color like pale pink.

County style kitchens are shaped with romantic and nostalgic details. A vintage glass door buffet, wooden chairs and flower-patterned accessories are necessary for these style kitchens.


Country Style (3)

If you want to have a country style kitchen, try to use wooden furnitures in white and pastel shades instead of metal ones. Try to prefer light colored fabrics for curtains and cushions. With striped objects, glass accessories and wall shelves, you can create an energetic atmosphere; with flower-patterned curtains and cushions, you can freshen up the place.


Country Style (4)

You can combine a large table with a bench, and you can also use different wooden and wicker chairs. With pastel colored wooden chairs, you can obtain a cute look in your kitchen.

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