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Smart Solutions for Bathrooms


Your bathrooms can be small or narrow but there is no need to worry. If you plan your bathroom ahead and choose the correct objects, you can create spaces that will meet all of your needs even in small bathrooms.


Try to utilize every corner
You can create extra storage areas by installing shelves on the walls of the bathroom. This way, you can both save some space and obtain a useful area.

bathroom shelves


Combine different styles
By using furniture of different styles and materials, you can make a nice decoration. To create a cozy environment, combine a minimalist console sink with an old-style chair and a patterned bathroom rug.

bath chair


Prefer simplicity
Try to choose your bathroom cabinets among the plain ones with straight edges. Even though detailed and functional cabinets are more useful, they can create a suffocating environment in small bathrooms.

simple wardrobe


Choose furniture and accessories with proper sizes
Be careful about using furniture that is suitable for small spaces. It is good to have a cabinet with a size that is proper to both length of the wall and the size of the bathroom.

small bathroom


Create an illuminated room
When you use dark colored tiles in small bathrooms, having a dark environment is inevitable. In order to reduce this effect, you can use glass shower doors and glass shelves as storage areas instead of a cabinet. Transparent products will provide light and spaciousness to small bathrooms.

glass shelves

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